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De-stress and decompress

Veena Johnson
Emilio Tuscano, Veena Johnson, and Tonia Kapitan manning the front desk of the University Center’s De-Stress event on November 8th

The University Center held an event called De-Stress, Wednesday Nov. 8. The event was hosted so students could relax and take time to relieve their stress. College can be difficult and stressful, this event gave students the opportunity to relax and let go of any worries they had. Students could get the chance to feel like they did not have a care in the world while using the best relaxation techniques. 

There were various different stations at the De Stress event.

“My station is Essential Oils to-go,” Veena Johnson said.

Johnson’s station was one where the students would put oils on the cotton and then put the cotton in a jar and whenever the student is stressed out they can open the jar and smell the oil.

There were also massage chairs which were all being used by students. One interesting thing they had at the event was an Oxygen Bar. There were multiple containers full of flavored oxygen with tubes attached to them. You could put the tubes in your nose and breathe in the different flavors of oxygen.

“We do a lot of events that demand a lot from students, a lot of high energy or socialization, especially after finals,” Chloe Putz said.

Putz helped lead the De-Stress event. The idea was something that the school wanted to do for a while but could not seem to get off the table. It is unclear whether this was due to a lack of resources or simply not knowing when the best time for this event would be. Eventually however, the project was able to come to fruition with a large amount of success. Many students showed up for the event with most of them taking up the massage chairs. There were time limits to ensure many people could use certain tools to help them relax.

The idea of a De-Stress event is an excellent one, it is a good way to get students back into that zone they need so they don’t feel anxious. Students usually grow more and more stressed as the school year progresses, so having something that can allow students to relax and forget about whatever is giving them stress can really help in the long run. Though this event was the first of its kind, if it happened a few times a year students would certainly enjoy it. The event was an effective way to help students regain their composure and distract from whatever was making them stressed for at least the moment.

The last UC Live special event of the semester will take place Wednesday, Dec. 6 and will be an event that students could find entertaining. Students are encouraged to go to the Down Under with their Jazz instruments and join in on the Jazz Reading Band event.

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