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Spring Election Preview

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The City of Whitewater will hold its 2024 Spring Election this upcoming Tuesday, April 2, 2024 from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. for voting in the Whitewater Armory at 146 W. North Street. There will be voting for new members of the Whitewater Unified School District School Board, the Walworth County Circuit Court Judge Branch 1, Walworth County Supervisor District 4, Whitewater Common Council Member District 2 and Whitewater Council Member at Large. 

For the Walworth County Circuit Court Judge Branch 1 there are Estee E. Scholtz, and Peter M. Navis running for the position. The Walworth County Supervisor District 4 running for that position is Ali Stanek. 

“The judiciary is a place of honor, integrity and impartiality, which are all qualities that I’ve strived to exhibit as a prosecutor and child welfare attorney,” Estee explains on why she is running for Walworth County Court judge Branch 1. “My career-long experience in public service representing the interests of the public in some of society’s toughest cases has prepared me to make decisions in an informed and judicious manner based only upon the law and evidence. I truly enjoy the courtroom and the creativity that lawyers can use to advocate for their clients. I want to continue the current efforts started by our judicial system to bring the county back on track after the pandemic. I’ve taken the oath of office as a Special Prosecutor in the Walworth County District Attorney’s Office, as an Assistant District Attorney for the State of Wisconsin and most recently as a Police Commissioner for my township. I would take the Judicial Oath of Office, to uphold and defend the constitution, to heart.” 

Opponent Peter Navis also highlighted his track record of work in legal areas, for why citizens should vote for him on Election Day.

“Throughout my 16 years in the legal profession, I have consistently and increasingly sought to serve more people in the court system and to serve them in a deeper way. I served the public by protecting some of the most vulnerable in our communities: children and adults with disabilities or mental illness. The law provides for ways to protect these members of our communities both with public services and with court procedures. It was a privilege to be involved in both avenues and to see the impact my work and the work of others involved had in protecting the vulnerable and in supporting their families,” said Peter Navis on why he is running for Walworth County judge branch 1. “The opportunity to be a Judge for the people of Walworth County means to take what I have been doing as the Judicial Court Commissioner and expand it to its furthest reach. There are certain legal proceedings and decisions that only a judge can make, including presiding over jury trials. Because a judge’s decision is, in most cases, the final word, the responsibility of service to the parties and the community in general is a heavy burden. I want that responsibility of service because I understand its weight and because I have demonstrated that I am ready for it.”

For Whitewater Common Council positions there is a Whitewater Council Member District 2 position being run for by Orin L. Smith. Candidates running for the Whitewater Council Member at Large are Keith Staebler and Greg Majkrzak II. 

“I want to be actively involved and help my community. I grew up here. I’ve seen Whitewater at its best,” said Keith Staebler on why he is running for Whitewater Council at Large. “I think it’s always been a great place to live. That’s why I’m still here. I haven’t left. I love the city of Whitewater and I’d like to see it shine. We’re at the center of everything and we could be the hub of the whole region, and show other communities how to do that. I’d like to be part of that.” 

His opponent Greg Majkrzak is familiar with the Common Council.

“I was appointed and elected. I only left, or I didn’t run for reelection, because I had taken a new job with Emmi Roth as a technical manager and I was responsible for moving a lot of equipment in and starting up and building a maintenance team. I knew I couldn’t commit the time that I needed to during that project. That project is currently wrapping up, which is why I am running for election at large this April,” he said. 

Since Jill Gerber is in the seat of Whitewater Council Member District 4, and is vacating her position next month, Brian Schanen will be the single challenger running for that open seat position.

“I will listen to the members of the community and what is important to you. It is long past due that the city council works for the community it serves. The city sits on the brink of doing some incredible things. The attacks on the city manager, city employees, and city residents must stop, or we risk losing far more than just a city manager. Our reputation among neighboring communities will tumble, there will be more turnover, and City Council meetings will be far more divided,” said Brian Schanen about why he is running for Whitewater Council Member District 4. “The city’s budget still sits in a precarious position, and spending dollars we do not have, or have not budgeted, is a recipe for disaster. I am running to celebrate the amazing things this city has, and its bright future. This means supporting our city employees, making sound, strategic and financial decisions, expanding our tax base to ease the burden on taxpayers, and being laser focused on implementing the city’s strategic plan.”

Two positions on the Whitewater Unified School District School Board are open for candidates Jeff Tortomasi and Maryann Zimmerman. Larry Kachel was in the race and dropped out, but will remain on the ballot. The term for the two newly elected school board members is three years, beginning April 22, 2024 and ending Sunday, April 25, 2027.

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