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Hard work pays off for Roznos

One of the reasons athletes have so much success is because they devote hours and hours to practice. They achieve greatness through determination and hard work. Without practice, natural talent is simply not enough.

Just ask Madeline Roznos.

Senior Madeline Roznos has been the top runner for the UW-Whitewater women’s cross country team after making a big jump from her freshman to sophomore year. Photo by Anna Lutze

Roznos, a senior on the women’s cross-country team, came into college not expecting to participate in any sports. Three and a half years later, she is not only the lead runner on the cross-country team, but the track and field team as well.

“Coming in I didn’t plan on running, so I didn’t train or practice before,” Roznos said. “My freshman year was pretty rough. I was like the 12th runner on the team and then come conference I was eight or nine but I didn’t even do regionals or anything.”

After a rough first year, Roznos said she decided to stick with the sports, so she trained hard in the offseason.

“The summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I just decided to train and see what happens,” Roznos said. “I came back and was the top runner.”

After a jump from the bottom to the top in her sophomore season, Roznos was shocked with all of the success that was surrounding her. Roznos had a team-best time in both her sophomore and junior season.

“I think my favorite and most memorable day was my sophomore year, but going in expecting to take almost last place and expecting nothing, I ended up taking fourth place,” Roznos said. “It was just kind of a moment where I said ‘hey I can do this if I actually train.’ I’ve taken a lot of strides and I’m hoping to break at least one school record.”

For the past two years, Roznos has had a team-best time in the 6K, but is second to teammate Alyssa Duncan this season.

Roznos has admitted that she has been off to a slow start, but knows that can be turned around this weekend at the Midwest Regional Tournament.

“I had some difficulties because I’m supposed to use an inhaler and I stopped using it, but it led to some difficulties with other things,” Roznos said. “I had a slow start, having to go to doctors. I just started taking it again so hopefully regionals go well but up to this point, I haven’t performed where I know I can yet.”

Although Roznos was close to making it to nationals a season ago being only two spots away, she said that it will be harder this season because of the strong individual field. She also said that that might help her because it takes a lot of pressure off.

“Last year I was two spots away, but this year since there are more strong individuals than teams, I am going to have to run in the top 15 to make it to nationals,” Roznos said. “Right now I’m going to have to run the race of my life if I want to go, but I like it like that because it takes the pressure off.”

According to some of her teammates, Roznos is not only a great performer, but a great leader and friend. Duncan, the closest runner time-wise on the team to Roznos, says that her attitude really helps the team.

“She is always cheering on the teammates, telling them to stay positive and even though for herself,” Duncan said. “She still always has that positive attitude and that rubs off on the rest of the team.”

Roznos would be the first to admit she doesn’t talk much, but teammate senior Maria Kehrer said she still has an important senior leadership role.

“She really gets stronger each year, she always sets new goals and works hard for them,” Kehrer said. “We really work together to show the underclassmen a good example. We really try to emphasize that we’re lucky to have this. It’s a great opportunity.”

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Hard work pays off for Roznos