WSG campus redistricting act requires student vote


Students can vote to redistrict campus for Whitewater Student Government because of legislation recently passed by the Senate.

Currently, WSG has four districts: Drumlin, which represents students on the west side of campus; Esker, representing students on the east side; Off-Campus and At-Large, representing the entire student body.

The act states that it will combine senators from both Esker and Drumlin to create one district: On-Campus.


The legislation, known as “S12-13:04 Student Representation Efficiency Act,” was created and presented by WSG President John Jensen to the Senate on Oct. 8.

Deputy Speaker Bryce Chinault said there have been situations where an on-campus student was not able to join senate because there were no open seats on their side of campus. With this legislation, students can fill an empty seat no matter which residence hall they live in.

Jensen said he was inspired by the student government at UW-Eau Claire, which only has two districts: On-Campus and Off-Campus.

“My administration has really been focused on trying to make student representation more efficient,” Jensen said.

According to Jensen, redistricting campus would make representation easier and would “help ensure better representatives” on campus.

However, Jensen noted one side of campus could dominate, and senators could lose visibility with meetings involving students they represent.

Jensen said students are voting on this legislation, because it would change the WSG Constitution, which needs to be approved by a 2/3 vote from students.

Voting on the act will take place Oct. 30 and 31. Students can vote online at

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