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A student’s guide to voting in Whitewater



requires multiple steps to complete:

Well over half the student population is expected to vote in the upcoming Nov. 6, 2012 Presidential Election.

“Both sides of the political spectrum have passionate supporters and I expect there to be a huge turn-out.” John Jensen, Whitewater Student Government President, said.

Students who live on-campus will all vote in the University Center’s Hamilton Room while students living off-campus will vote at the Downtown Armory, located at 146 W. North St.


Before students can enter the polls, the most important step is becoming a Whitewater registered voter.

Even if you have voted in your hometown in past elections, to vote in Whitewater, you must register yourself.

Several student organizations and the Women’s League of Voters have been helping people register early in the UC.

The early registration period ends Oct. 17, but students can still register before Election Day at city hall.

Michele Smith, the Whitewater city clerk, wants students to make sure they register early in case of any problems that can be resolved now instead of on Election Day.

She also said she wants students to keep in mind the employees and volunteers that help with the voting process.

“The employees work long hours before and after the polls close,” Smith said.  “Please respect them and make the process as easy as possible.”

Students can still register before Nov 6. by going to city hall and bringing two things.

The first required step is providing a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.


If a student does not have one, he or she can still register but will need to know the last four digits of his/her social security number or have an official Wisconsin issued identification card.

The second step is providing proof of residency.  This can be proven in a number of different ways.

The simplest way for students to prove this is by showing current proof of enrollment in UW-Whitewater. Log onto WINS and print the “Enrollment Verification Form,” and bring it to register.

Another options students have is to bring a residential lease, which is effective for a period including Election Day.

Students can also bring a utility bill issued within 90 of the election.

An employer-issued photo identification card which includes full name and a local adress is also an acceptable form of identification.

A real estate tax bill, bank statement, recent pay check or another government-issued document are acceptable as well.

Any form of identification used for registering must include the students full name and local address.

Jan Bilgen, Assistant Director of Career & Leadership Development, who has been registering people to vote in Whitewater since 2004, said if the turnout of past two presidential elections is any indication, this will be no different.

“It is all about access,” Bilgen said. “We try to make the process comfortable and enjoyable.  We hope student voters have a good experience so they will continue to vote for the rest of their lives.”

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A student’s guide to voting in Whitewater