S.A.G.E. teaches ‘living green’


On Wednesday, October 24th, student organization S.A.G.E (Students Allied for a Greener Earth), participated in Campus Sustainability Day.  The group gathered seeds from the various plants throughout campus and also ‘upcycled’ old t-shirts into bags and scarfs.


According to president Patrick Jamar, the group participates in various projects, such as weekly seed picking and bag collection, where turning in fifteen plastic bags will get you one reusable one.

“One of our most important activities occurs throughout the school year,” Jamar said. “ We choose weeks where we are completely ‘plastic free.’”

Vice president Jessica Greve said she was happy with how campus sustainability day turned out.

“This campus is one of the most behind UW schools on sustainability,” Greve said.  “Any events that bring light to this are really great.”

Greve said that the group was very focused on spreading the word about ‘living green’ to all students and staff here in Whitewater.

According to Greve, S.A.G.E encourages all students to get involved and come out to the group’s events.

“S.A.G.E is a great way to gain extra knowledge about the world and green issues,” Greve said. “It’s also a great way to get in volunteer hours.”