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That’s what (S)He said…

Should people take part in “No-Shave November?” 


Commentary by Abbey Bowen

Fall is my favorite time of year, because everything turns pumpkin flavored, families get to stuff their faces at Thanksgiving and men become outrageously hairy.

Ah, No-Shave November. I can’t speak for all ladies, but I absolutely love a man with a beard.

Honestly, I feel like most men look more attractive with facial hair. It takes the typical college boy and turns him into a sophisticated business man. This look is especially intriguing for college-aged girls who are on the lookout for man with high income potential.

If the beard is accompanied with a nice button-up shirt and a tie, any man can land the girl of his dreams.

Now, I need to clear a few things up. I am talking about the attractiveness of a well-groomed beard. Not a funky handle-bar mustache or a Santa Claus beard.

I think No-Shave November gets a bad rap, because of these outrageous facial hair designs. Although Seneca Crane’s, head gamemaker from “The Hunger Games” trilogy, swirly beard looks really cool, no girl wants to see her boyfriend rocking this look.

I think a little scruff is best. My number one pet-peeve is when guys let their mustaches grow out so long that the hair is constantly in their mouths. Yuck. It is also repulsive when food particles can be seen mingling within the hairs.

I still am completely for No-Shave November. I wish guys grew out their facial hair every month. They just need to remember that grooming is the key.


He Said

Commentary by Andrew Bayliss


I am not sure who decided picking one month out of the year to discard basic personal hygiene was a good idea, but that person made a terrible decision.

I live in Sheboygan, Wis., which is the unofficial world capital of scraggly neck-beards, and I came to college expecting a reprieve from people who believe looking like a hobo is fashionable.

Please, if you have any way of getting a razor and some shaving cream, use your better judgment and do not participate in No-Shave November.

If you’re a guy who can grow a Santa Claus-beard or Rollie Fingers-mustache, go for it, but for those whose facial hair can be described as patchy, scraggly, thin or hideous, please refrain from subjecting Whitewater to that unsightliness.

No-Shave November is merely an excuse for guys to be lazy and not shave. What comes next? Shower-less September? Don’t-wash-your-hands December?

I say nay. We should put an end to this buffoonery before it elevates to even nastier levels.

I am no saint when it comes to shaving religiously, but I am smart enough to recognize where to draw the line.

If you shampoo your entire face, it is probably time to shave. If your facial hair is acting as a wind repellant, it is probably time to shave. If your friends or girlfriend no longer want to be seen with you, it is probably time to shave.

So please, fellow students and citizens of Whitewater, pick up a razor and some shaving cream and let us watch No-Shave November swirl down the drain.

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Founded 1901
That’s what (S)He said…