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Q&A with James Kates

March 15, 2016

  By Emily Lepkowski March 16, 2016 September marks the Centennial Anniversary of the Pulitzer Prize. The Royal Purple sat down with Dr. James Kates to discuss the history of the Pulitzer, personal experiences and journalism. Royal Purple: How did you get the opportunity to edit a Pulitzer w...

Cancer fundraiser rakes in over $20,000

Cancer fundraiser rakes in over $20,000

March 15, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski March 16, 2016 Junior Clare Thompson celebrated her 21st birthday by shaving her head as a crowd of supporters sang “Happy Birthday” in support of cancer research. “It’s a really weird feeling, I’ve never had other people touch  [my scalp] before, but it’s one...

Recycling company joins tech park

March 8, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski March 9, 2016 CEO Dale Helgeson referred to the move to Whitewater as a “pilot” for DP Electronic Recycling. “Once we get this up and running, we want to put six of these in the U.S and we’re also talking internationally right now,” said Helgeson. The approved Develop...

Post-grad programs plans change

February 23, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski Feb. 24, 2016 UW-Whitewater’s Communication programs are not only growing, but perhaps preparing students to excel in the workplace. Students continuing into post-graduate education work with previously learned skills and concepts to perfect them in time for their desired care...

Debate allows students to make their voices heard

February 16, 2016

By Kimberly Wethal, Andrew Eppen and Emily Lepkowski Feb. 17, 2016 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) were the only two candidates on stage at the Democratic primary debate on Feb. 11, but that didn’t stop past and present UW students from fighting to h...

Young journalist finds place on News Team

Young journalist finds place on News Team

February 16, 2016

Feb. 16, 2016 If someone told me I would be covering a national event as huge as a Democratic Debate this early in my journalism career, I would have laughed. Not because it’s unimaginable, but because opportunities like these don’t happen easily for 18-year-olds.    I had no idea what to ex...

WSG discusses campus climate

February 2, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski Feb. 3, 2016 Whitewater Student Government (WSG) President Allison Hetz addressed the governing body on Feb. 1 following the campus-wide statement sent via email on Dec. 8, 2015 regarding the current campus climate. “I have seen, heard and felt that our campus climate has no...

Q&A with David Kroeze

February 2, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski Feb. 3, 2016 Not only has senior David Kroeze found a home at UW-Whitewater, but he has also found a  home in Whitewater Student Government as the new vice president. The Royal Purple was able to sit down with David and talk about Whitewater and his new role in WSG.     ...

Hoverboards banned on campus due to safety concerns

January 26, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski Jan. 27, 2016   UW-Whitewater is joining college campuses across the nation in a move to ban this past holiday’s hottest gift, because of their tendency to go up in smoke. The use of hoverboards, an increasingly trendy mode of transportation, has sparked a conversation bet...

Video One program receives grant

January 26, 2016

By Emily Lepkowski Jan. 27, 2016   Video One director Jim Mead likes to “take it all in” when it comes to the success of the internship program housed in the lower level of the Andersen Library. The 15-week internship opportunity, which allows Electronic Media communication students to wor...

Speaker talks on activism, female empowerment, photography

December 8, 2015

By Emily Lepkowski Dec. 19, 2015   National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths told an audience of UW-Whitewater students and faculty she hopes they are excited about something in their lives to the extent  they forget to put pants on. “It’s a sign of a life well lived,” Griffiths sa...

On the chopping block: $250 million cut to UW System means $5.8 million loss for UW-W

September 30, 2015

By Kimberly Wethal News Editor Emily Lepkowski Staff Editor While the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater didn’t lose the most money when the state budget was finalized (UW-Madison shouldered the largest loss with a reduction of $52.8 million), UW-W saw the amount of state assistance for educat...

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