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Royal Purple

Food fight across campus

Jessica Rawski, Biz & Tech Editor

November 11, 2019

The food on campus is an absolute nightmare. Not only is the quality of the food horrible, but the meal swipes themselves are laughable. Most places in the UC that actually have good food do not allow students to use meal swipes until after 2 p.m., which means that lunch options are scarce if you actual...

Campus offers variety of food

September 30, 2015

By Angelic Thompson Staff Writer Students on campus have a lot of choices when it comes to food on campus. Some of the choices are amazing while others, aren’t quite on that level. When it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time, some places shine above the rest. Many people lov...

Breakfast benefits students

February 18, 2015

Feb. 18, 2015 When you wake up in the morning, the one thing you are sure of is you’re hungry. One of the benefits of living on the west side of campus is that Drumlin Dining Hall is close by. The problem is it does not open until 11 a.m. You don’t have class until later in the day, so you...

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