Food fight across campus

Jessica Rawski, Biz & Tech Editor

The food on campus is an absolute nightmare. Not only is the quality of the food horrible, but the meal swipes themselves are laughable. Most places in the UC that actually have good food do not allow students to use meal swipes until after 2 p.m., which means that lunch options are scarce if you actually want to be full until dinner.

It is also unreasonable that students have a limit as to how many meal swipes can be used in a certain time period. We are all adults. I think we can regulate our own food and if a student can’t, then this is a great learning opportunity. In general, there are not a lot of good food options on campus. It is always the same food over and over again, which wouldn’t be so bad if the food actually tasted good. Even worse than the meal swipes and the limited options is the quality of the food.

I rarely feel full and satisfied after an on-campus meal, and a lot of that comes from never being able to finish a full meal here. Even the soups at Erbert’s and Gerbert’s are not fully edible. The chicken is disgusting and sometimes not even fully cooked, and the chicken tenders at Stacks never leaves anyone feeling good.  I will admit, Esker has seen some improvements this year, but my roommate and I both have gotten food poisoning from the chicken tacos there in the last two months, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

The final ridiculous cherry on top of this huge ice cream sundae of bad food is that this year, UW-W decided to take cappuccinos off of the meal swipe program in the library and Laurentide because it wasn’t cost effective for people who got them at the Collectivo in the UC. For those who don’t know, Laurentide and the Library use just a normal cappuccino machine that could be found in any gas station, but Collectivo actually makes cappuccinos. I don’t expect an actual cappuccino on meal swipe-I don’t even want an actual cappuccino on meal swipe. I just want one from the machine or, at the very least, I want to not have to worry about getting food poisoning when I go to dinner.