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Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Jon Ball, Staff Reporter

May 8, 2018

Plants are similar to that one friend who never has much to say and only speaks when necessary: their mouths remain shut most of the time at dinner, however, they send a nod or smile in your direction every once in a while. Yet, if you know them well enough, they have a lot to say. Plants communica...

Study Apps for finals

Hannah Jewell, Staff Reporter

December 7, 2017

Finals start next week, here are apps to help you study: Study Blue: It allows you to create flashcards and organize your notes. It can also track your progress when you study and tell you what subjects/areas you need to work on. Quizlet: Similar to Study Blue, it allows you to create flash...

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