Study Apps for finals

Hannah Jewell, Staff Reporter

Finals start next week, here are apps to help you study:

Study Blue: It allows you to create flashcards and organize your notes. It can also track your progress when you study and tell you what subjects/areas you need to work on.

  • Quizlet: Similar to Study Blue, it allows you to create flashcards to help you study. If you are having a hard time creating your own, you can find previously made flashcards in the large library. There are also two quizzing modes, question + answer and matching to help you practice.
  • Trello: With Trello you can create to-do checklists, boards to organize projects and add friends to collaborate with you.
  • myHomework: Is a student planner that helps keep everything organized. This simple app can color code and allows your calendar to be seen in several different views that can help with planning. The app will send notifications if assignments are coming due.
  • Google Drive: If you are working on a group project and cannot work on a computer, Google Drive is now at your fingertips via smartphone. It is the same as the desktop version.