Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Jon Ball, Staff Reporter

Plants are similar to that one friend who never has much to say and only speaks when necessary: their mouths remain shut most of the time at dinner, however, they send a nod or smile in your direction every once in a while.

Yet, if you know them well enough, they have a lot to say. Plants communicate in a similar fashion, but with volatile organic compounds, an odorous chemical, to warn each other of danger.  The blooming flowers also send a warning sign to students: “Prepare for final papers and exams.” In result, the library becomes a sardine tin, the tutoring center transforms into a madhouse, and our mental states decline like Donald Trump’s approval ratings.

So, how can we cope with the hysteria on campus? The answer is a simple one: our favorite playlists.

Songs with lyrics distract students from focusing on their work; therefore, instrumental music is highly recommended. Fortunately, there are numerous genres that do not contain lyrics, such as jazz, classical, and electronic. A genre called chillhop is a personal favorite of mine, which contains soft beats, a slow rhythm, and jazzy elements. Steezyasf*** is a promotional network to assist up-and-coming chill hop artists. There are also similar promotion companies such as Chillhop Music and Chilled Cow, which is quite fitting for Wisconsin.

Also, here is a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. The more you study, they more prepared you will feel.
  2. There are numerous on campus resources to help you with your papers. Examples are the reference librarians, the tutoring center and even just a friend to proofread your work.
  3. Everything is temporary; your difficult class will end.
  4. Youtube is a great tutoring and study resource; teachers and professors from all over the world upload instructional videos.
  5. Take advantage of your professor’s office hours; they exist to help students (they are also required by law).