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Royal Purple

 A variety of succulents waiting to be bought at the Upham greenhouse.

Start a garden in Whitewater

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor May 1, 2022

The bees of Whitewater are beginning their rounds of buzzing through the neighborhood and it is our job to help give them something to pollinate. An easy way to do so is by starting your very own garden!...

Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Talking Flowers, Finals, and Playlists

Jon Ball, Staff Reporter May 8, 2018

Plants are similar to that one friend who never has much to say and only speaks when necessary: their mouths remain shut most of the time at dinner, however, they send a nod or smile in your direction...

In the business of love

In the business of love

Garrett Kluever, Biz And Tech Editor February 12, 2018

Love is a powerful thing this time of year. It’s in the air, on the mind, and in the wallets. Valentine’s Day holds a special place in our culture. The 14th of February crafts images of chocolates,...

Thoughtful gestures define Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2016

Royal Purple Staff Opinion Feb. 9, 2016 Valentine’s Day stirs up a lot of controversy and salty sentiments, despite being a holiday intended for lovers. Single or taken, people either love it or...

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