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Royal Purple

“Ragtime” explores American Dream

January 27, 2016

Jan. 27, 2016 By Mary Davisson The issues regarding race and social stature in regard to the American Dream are classic and ongoing. In the hit Broadway musical, “Ragtime,” those issues take center stage as they are displayed among the various characters that make up the diverse ensemb...

Explore Greek love through song

October 29, 2015

By Charles Trafelet Oct. 28, 2015 There are four Greek loves, and with Cantus, a nine-man a capella ensemble, students are invited to explore each one through song. The program they have created is titled “The Four Loves” and it is based on the four ancient Greek categorizations of...

Music of the globe heard on one campus

September 24, 2015

Commentary by Alex Zamecnik Commentary by Brittany Redden   Afro-Colombian rhythms, Korean beats, Moroccan Jazz and Ethiopian cross-cultural sounds will rock the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater campus this week. Different cultures will blend together to put on the World Music Festival...

Sell the soul or fall in love this week at the theatre

March 11, 2015

By Jake Prinsen   The American Shakespeare Center will roll through Whitewater this week, performing plays back-to-back nights at the Young Auditorium. The first play, “Doctor Faustus” by Christopher Marloe, will take place at 7:30 p.m. on March 11. The performance follows the life...

‘Equal opportunity offenders’ come to campus

‘Equal opportunity offenders’ come to campus

October 23, 2014

By Nat Edson   A group of Senate staffers fed up with the government formed a group, Capitol Steps, to satirize the nation’s rulers who employed them. The group was formed in 1981 when several people who worked in Washington, D.C. decided they had grown disenchanted. Mark Eaton was a...

‘All You Need is Love’ and a McCartney tribute

October 16, 2014

  By Jake Prinsen   As the fog machine rolled out layer after layer of thick mist and the lights turned to the band as they started “Live and Let Die,” a hush fell over the audience and the tribute to a famous musical star was underway. To be a cover band is one thing, but to...

Claws, scales, fur: exotics come to campus

Claws, scales, fur: exotics come to campus

October 9, 2014

  By Signe Trewyn By Abrielle Backhaus   Enjoy all the wonders of the zoo right here at UW-Whitewater with Zoozort. Chameleons, kookaburras, pythons and more will visit campus as part of the Never Too Young series. Zoozort will be on campus from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 11 in...

Festival showcases worldy music

September 18, 2014

By Jake Prinsen   Argentinean, Turkish and Mali flavors create a blend of musical diversity in four performances featured in the World Music Festival. The festival will be held on Sept. 17 and for an entire day students can expect to see a wide variety of musical acts around campus.  The...

Country tribute band plays for UW-W

Country tribute band plays for UW-W

March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014 By Signe Trewyn   Students don’t have to leave campus to experience a country music tribute show of past legends Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. The Highwaymen Live will perform at 7:30 p.m. on March 13, at Young Auditorium. Michael...

A Tribute to the Carpenters


February 12, 2014

Feb. 12, 2014 By Lauren Piek   Singer Lisa Rock and her six band members will perform love music of the 1970s and 80s in Close To You-The Music of the Carpenters at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 14 at Young Auditorium. Rock began singing at the age of two, and had her first professional performance when she was 15 years old. Rock said she has been a fan of the Carpenters...

Young Auditorium hosts Shakespeare

The Acting Comapany/Guthrie Theatre production of Hamlet

January 29, 2014

Jan. 29, 2014 By Abrielle Backhaus Death and tragedy often evoke morbid thoughts, but in “Hamlet” and “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” the topics are addressed through drama and dark humor. While Shakespeare wrote the plays some 400 years ago, the productions of today may still o...

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