Eating healthy for the un-wealthy: Local Grocers in Whitewater

Alena Purpero, Lifestyle Editor

Simply Convenient:

This store is true to its name as it is located downtown, in a very convenient location for students who live nearby and need to pick up small items.

As far as health goes, a majority of the food they have in stock is pre-packed, however they have staple items available such as milk, bread and eggs.

“We have a selection of a lot of things that people need,” Dan Prince, sowner of Simply Convenient said. “Everywhere is going to have soda, but hardly anywhere carries a gallon of water, or two pints of milk, or a stick of butter. People can come in here, get the basic items they need, and go home and cook for their family.”

The owners of Simply Convenient not only prioritize convenience but accommodate to students.

“If someone wants something, we’ll try to find it for them,” Bonnie Prince said. “If anyone has suggestions for what they’d like to see here, we’re always open to suggestions.”


As far as quality and health concerns go, Walmart is making huge strides towards having organic food available.

According to, a former banker explains the huge shift in their quality of products.

Students like the convenience and variety of products readily available just down the street from campus.“I like that you can get more than just food here,” senior Lucy Kimball said. “You can come in and get everything you need.”

Festival Foods:

Festival Foods has a wide range of products and accommodates to various diet restrictions. (i.e vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant). While Festival Foods is not located in Whitewater, it is a short 15 minute drive to Fort Atkinson or 30 minutes to Janesville.

“Our quality is above anyone else,” Cory Krisher, Festival Foods manager said. “Everything in our bakery is fresh baked, meat department services are superior to other stores, and we order perishables local so everything comes in as quick as possible.”

La Tienda San Jose:

A small store with exotic products and unique produce that also sells meat by the pound. Behind the doors of this small shop is a lot of choices for food.

“We carry meats, we sell more on the weekends because that’s when most customers shop,” Jose Barajas, owner of La Tienda San Jose said. “We carry pounds of beef and chicken. We package from one pound to five pounds.”

La Preferida:

If you are in need of exotic produce, then head over to La Preferida in Whitewater. It is your go-to for unique ingredients and produce that you wouldn’t find at other grocers.

However, staple items are also provided in addition to exotic items. The products available are of good quality and from a market located in Chicago.

“We’re small, but we provide more than one service,” Luis Islas, owner of La Preferida said. “We give more for your money, people come here for meals, we have exotic goods, things you can’t find at other stores.”