Health as a Whole: an Ode to the Extrodinary Mind

Alena Purpero, Lifestyle Editor

The human brain is complex: an obvious statement. Yet we continue to allow what we don’t understand about the mind suppress us.

We as humans have been wired to see academic success as an objective matter from a young age. While grading might be a matter of right or wrong, your intelligence is not.

Being back in this academic concentrated environment, we can’t help but take part in the act of comparing.

We compare everything about ourselves to the people around us. Whilextraordinaryminde taking note of how you compare to others isn’t problematic, the mindset entailing that you must replicate everyone else is toxic.

The conversation topic regarding the left and right side of the brain has been well discussed, but is continuous and ongoing. This subject matter suggests that some minds are more analytic and some are more creative.

any people possess talents that are not as easily recognized through academics.

I want to convey a message to students, new and old, that their academic performance relies solely on knowing yourself and catering to your one of a kind, beautifully elaborate brain.

Through my time as a student, I’ve learned a lot about my brain and how to cater to my learning style. Many people study in the same way. However, I realized the norm doesn’t work best for me.

How to cater to your brain:

Find your optimal thinking space: some need social interaction to stimulate their brain, some need to work away from other people. Everyone has their own way of doing things. According to, “every person thinks differently and while one explanation may suffice for you, for me it may seem confusing and vice versa. Your mind combines and works with ideas differently and thus your ability to explain things is different from mine or that of other people”

Discover your prime thinking time: people thrive during different times of the day for different reasons. Whatever your prime thinking time is, your work will be more efficient if you keep it routine. says, “It is possible that the most important time of day for studying, writing and ideas is the same time of day you always write and come up with ideas. Routines and habits could trump the clock. In fact, the brain appreciates these habits. Routine reinforces neural circuitry, and the more you work at the same routine, the stronger those connections become.”

How I cater to my brain:

I am a morning person: the start of the day is when I think more clearly and focus better.

I work best alone: While a lot of students might have never even been on the quiet floor, I thrive off of the lack of people and quiet environment.

I am more creatively intelligent than analytically intelligent: I have learned that creative tasks come to me easier and tasks that require analytic thinking require more time and effort for me.

Ask yourself, how can I cater to my brain?

This is not to discredit a specific intellegence, in fact it is quite the opposite. It is recognition of the variety of complex and beautiful minds out there.The focus in this subject matter is that some people have been given confirmation of their intelligence, from early on from their report cards, tests and other on paper records that mark their success. Therefore it is important for individuals to recognize their intelligence and all of the unique forms it is shown in. In order to use your intelligence to it’s full potential, you must be willing to accommodate to it. Love the beautiful brain you were given and learn about your mind to learn more