Dear Ellie: Setting rules for your roomate

Graphic by Carlie Sue Herrick

Ellie Weidner, Staff Writer


Dear Sam R.,

In answer to your question, it really depends on the type of people you and your roommate are. Some people can’t take subtle hints and some aren’t good at giving them.

When it comes to studying, the UW-Whitewater Library is open Sunday through Thursday until 2 a.m. and your dorm should have a common room in the basement or on your floor you can slip off to.

As for sleeping, well there’s no way around it besides just being as nice and honest as possible. If you find that too hard, you can always try putting in headphones and listening to music until he falls asleep.

Eventually, hopefully, they will get the idea if you are continuing to have to pause your music and take out your headphones every time they want to say something. They should start rethinking what they want to tell you and decide if it’s important enough to interrupt.

But some people aren’t good even with that not-so-subtle clue and you just have to talk it out. Living with someone is hard, and a life lesson we all should learn at some point. The key is acknowledging that there is no such thing as perfect roommate and being open to suggestion. The ability to keep a flowing and open relationship with your roommate is key to success when it comes to needing alone time and study time.

Hope this helps!

Good luck! Ellie W.