Technology should play a role in classes

Dusty Hartl, Opinions Editor

Technology has been evolving  rapidly over the past few years. From waiting until your parents get off the landline to use the internet to having lightning fast smart phones in our pockets, it has now become a nightmare for teachers and professors in the classroom.

Some say technology is distracting and unneeded, while others suggest that it is more of an educational tool that should be encouraged in the classroom.

Janelle Cox from TeachHub, a resource for teachers, by teachers, said that it is an important tool that should be used and promoted in the classroom.

“Educators, too, have seen firsthand the benefits of technology in the classroom. According to a study by IT Trade Association CompTIA just released this month, around 75 percent of educators think that technology has a positive impact in the education process,” Cox said.

Technology helps students with a wide range of disabilities and students who may just need a little extra help in the classroom. This can, of course, cause concern in regards to other students.

Many of the concerns revolve around the distraction of individual students in regards to others using technology. This prompts the question, do the benefits outweigh these concerns?

Robert Shuter, from the Huffington Post, in an article titled “The End of Classroom on Mobile Devices” suggests that professors should seek alternatives to help end the age of distracted students. “Some university instructors try to integrate laptops and smartphones into their classes, strategically redirecting their students’ attention from their mobile devices to class content.”

It is hard to say as people have a vast array of reasons for using technology. Some use it as a way to catch up on lectures or even to look further into lecture

Professors can use it to engage students with lectures and lecture materials. Computers, cellphones, tablets and more are available to just about anyone.

These are devices that everyone uses within their day to day lives. They are surrounded by technology, shouldn’t they be taught about how to use this technology responsibly in their education?

With classes specifically given to teach college students about how to use technology and respect it, professors are slowly having to accept that this modern age is one that looks positively on new advances that make life easier. With technology, one can learn just about anything and has the world at their fingertips.

It is easy to understand the concern for modern education as mobile devices and laptops slowly begin to become the primary source for information for students. If professors and educators can get in front of this trend, they can save themselves some trouble down the line.

Technology should be embraced in universities around the world as a way to help engage students in their education. Those who become distracted should take personal responsibility for this and perhaps change seats if it becomes a problem.

Technology is more of a greater good rather than a lesser evil in the classroom and it should be allowed without reservation as a way for students to further their education.