Greg Ebert hits the big leagues after NASCAR dream becomes reality


photo courtesy of Greg Ebert

Greg Ebert, alumn of UW-Whitewater Class of 2011, spectates his NASCAR driver as Almirola prepares for the big race.

Catherine Smith, Lifestyle Editor

NASCAR Chief, Greg Ebert, has gone from the purple-painted Warhawk Drive, to the fast lane of the racetrack.

Ebert graduated from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2011, where he received his undergraduate degree in general management via Bachelor of Administrations through the College of Business and Economics.

While completing his undergrad degree, Ebert was presented with an internship opportunity that left him with the decision to either put school on pause, and pursue this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, or work toward finishing his undergraduate degree.

Ebert decided to take the offer and continue an experience of a lifetime.

“I just had to go for it,” Ebert explained.

After a few months, Ebert made his way back to the UW-Whitewater campus. With the his hardwork and dedication, Ebert was offered numerous job offers that lead to further determinates.

Only a few credits away from graduation, Ebert was presented an undeniable offer from the Roush Fenway Racing, which lead him to various NASCAR-related companies such as Richard Petty Motorsports and Richard Childress Racing team, where Ebert later pursued his passion of management within NASCAR.

Choosing both school and NASCAR, Ebert took it upon himself to complete his BBA online.

“Managing 50-70 hours of week, while managing school, it was difficult, but worth it,” Ebert said.

Ebert is currently the Car Chief for NASCAR driver, Aric Almirola. Ebert has assisted Almirola in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Using Ebert’s Bachelor of Adminstration, he has been able to utilize the critical information from his degree to perform successfully within the workforce of managing as a NASCAR chief.

It is clear and obvious that the Warhawks are making a difference, in the books and on the tracks. Ebert sets the example for dreamers ahead.