Haute for Hawks

Catherine Smith, Lifestyle Editor

New semesters come with new Warhawk-trends, and here at Royal Purple, we found the latest trends brought to you by your fellow University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students.

Social media uproar has progressed the industry in multimedia and web designs, which leads to new trends. A survey of 1,200 students rated their top social media application as Snapchat, with a escalating 44.7 percent popularity. Even though Snapchat won the race, students still find Twitter to be high in demand with favoritism towards “@JustThoughts” and
“@realDonaldTrump” Twitter accounts.

Music has made its mark amongst the younger generations for many years. Multiple genres of music caters to various different ages and backgrounds.

Having a such diverse campus, it is not surprising that not just one genre or musician has a form of favoritism amongst the campus community. Artists from various genres have made their way into the hearts of Warhawks, such as Kendrick Lamar, Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers and Florida Georgia Line.

Clothing makes a major statement when it comes to self-expression. UW-W students voted their favorite clothing brand as American Eagle at a 43.5 percent favoritism rating, along with accessorizing with their favorite Nike brand sneaker.

Sports will forever be in the Warhawks’ veins. This comes to no surprise why sports like boxing, football, baseball, and basketball have a high popularity rate on campus. As Wisconsinites, we love our football, so it doesn’t come off as a shocker that the Green Bay Packers are voted as the favorite sports team amongst Whitewater students.

Even though football plays a major factor in the warhawks’ legacy, boxing has risen to the top of Google Searches in the past few weeks with the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor boxing match. After surveying who was the Warhawks’ favorite professional boxer, it turned out to be the legendary Floyd Mayweather.

The trends are apparent amongst the modern-day warhawks. Students seem to have an opinion about various topics from current social issues, presidential election, and even who has the most twitter followers. Seemingly carefree, the many students within the UW-Whitewater campus share their opinons and social contrasts.