Colorful gallery entices viewers

Lauren Fedorovich, Staff Writer

“Parsing Charm and Romancing Sameness” by Robert Zondag showcases a variety of techniques this week on wall-hangings in Roberta’s Art Gallery in the University Center. Zondags work showcases a variety of beautiful painting techniques to portray landscapes and floral portraits.

Zondag was born in the midwest and is now living in Wisconsin. His inspiration comes from the vibrant seasonal colors and unique Wisconsin landscapes. Zondag explains that his inspiration is spur of the moment and comes from his personal experiences.

“The older I become the more I realize that my best work revolves around what I know, love and experience,” Zondag said on his website.

“Inspiration might simply come from the flower bed I just spent the morning weeding.”

This exhibit has been popular amongst the student body because it displays familiar and meaningful content.

“I think it’s really colorful, and it catches your attention when you’re walking by,” said Exhibit Lead Avery Jenks. “We’ve brought in a lot of people because of that.”

Zondag’s work in the exhibit includes brightly-colored landscapes and flower arrangements. The pieces are done in watercolor, acrylic, mixed-media collages and some even include hand-made prints. The show is an eclectic collection full of multiple layers and depth, according to Arts Manager Chloe Rettinger.  

Some of the pieces have stories behind them. There are three watercolor paintings of cone flowers that were his inspiration when he studied in China and they have his name stamped on them in Chinese, Rettinger said.  

The show already received a positive reception from many students in a World of the Arts class who stopped by to take a close-up view of the exhibit.

“They’ve been really enjoying it,” Rettinger said. “They stayed and took the time to look at the artwork in-depth.”

Robert Zondag is a Milwaukee-based artist and a member of the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network. The exhibit runs until October 6.

“As I discover these connections, I am working towards a simplicity in my work that conveys both meaning and expression,” Zondag said.

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