CEO shows innovations at conference



The UW-W poses for a photo during the conference. Two members competed in the pitch competition but did not make it past the preliminary round.

Garrett Kluever, Biz and Tech Editor

The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater College Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) chapter attended the Global Conference and Pitch Competition in Tampa, Florida Oct. 26 – 28.

Conference attendees had the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, attend presentations, talk with experts and attend breakout sessions.

One of those breakout sessions was hosted by UW-Whitewater Senior Brandon Fong who recently published his own book: “Leverage: Escape the College Rat Race, Design the Life You Want, and Take the Real World by Storm.”

Junior Roshani Patel, said seeing someone she knows directly was a treat, “it was amazing seeing that someone we know personally is becoming more and more successful everyday.”

The main feature of the conference is the pitch competition which has a grand prize of $5,000 dollars.

Two UW- W students participated in the competition. Senior Austin Beveridge represented the ride sharing app Rideshare and Senior Marcus Page represented the Miracle Protect.  Both students did not make it past the preliminary round.

“Excellent speakers and keynotes – it reminded us what we all could be capable of etc,” Patel said.

The conference attracts almost 1000 students each year from different organizations across the world.