Greeks embrace local cultures


Evan Halpop

Students of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity show pride for their Greek organizations at an annual talent show during Greek Week on Feb. 22 in the University Center Hamilton Room.

Brad Allen, Managing Editor

Curling competitions, a student talent showcase, a social banquet and food donations were among the events that occurred during last week’s student program referred to as Greek Week.

UW-Whitewater Greek Life students sponsored a variety of events on campus last week to promote unity among fraternities and sororities. The events during the week of Feb. 19 through Feb. 22 included an all-Greek social event, an Olympics-themed mini-games tournament, a trivia-night competition and a student talent show. All four days’ events were held in the University Center Hamilton Room.

Delta Zeta member and UW-W junior Ashley Evans said the series of social events help Greek Life students to get to know one another better by making new connections and friends within other local sororities and fraternities.

“Greek Week promotes the culture of Greek Life, and the public can see more what we’re about,” said Evans, who is also a Greek Life Intern for Career and Leadership Development (CLD).“Creating connections helps with future events or collaboration on helping the community.”

In addition to hosting a series of events on campus, the students gave non-perishable food items to the Whitewater Little Food Pantry, a program which aims to provide meals for low-income families in the community.  

“It’s an easy way for students to give back to the community,” Evans said. “And it’s a discreet way for people in the community and those in need to drop off or pick up goods.”

The Little Food Pantry accepts donations at two Whitewater locations: 1143 W. Walworth Ave. and 431 W. Center St. The program is run by Kristine Zaballos, who is involved with several local nonprofit organizations.

Interfraternity Council President Alex Schmidt said Greek Life student leaders hope to show the community that their members are involved in getting work done to make the community a better place.

Schmidt, a junior at UW-W, added that students who are involved with fraternities or sororities care about helping others, rather than partying all the time.  

“Movies like Animal House paint a false image. The Greek community at UW-Whitewater is so much different than at other campuses,” Schmidt said. “We’re so thankful to be a part of a community where those stereotypes are nonexistent. They’re total bogus.”

Evans added that hosting events on campus shows that Greeks like to be involved and that they like to give back, which might interest others to get involved with Greek Life as well.

For students who wish to become involved with Greek Life in the future, Schmidt said he and other student leaders are available to offer more information. He added that Pi Kappa Alpha, the fraternity he is pledged to, extended 32 bids to new members this semester.

“Having an open mind about advantages and opportunities and asking questions is a great way to step into the door and get a bid,” Schmidt said. “Don’t be afraid to show your true self.”