Tweets not punishable

Dear Chancellor Kopper:

I am a veteran of dangerous military and (paid and unpaid) civilian service, a holder of a UW degree, well (better?) educated via the Milwaukee County Public Library System and the “school of hard knocks”, and a most intense defender of all of the bill of rights.

Therefore, I protect Mr. DeStarkey’s right to speak such asinine statements as he elects to vomit out and to support such “subtractions from the sum-total of human knowledge” by his equally asinine acts.

After all, “free speech” is the necessary, but not sufficient, base of academic freedom.

He should not be disciplined for his words and actions.

In fact, your school might well give him tenure as the “Designated UW-W Jester” and have him prance around in costume (with bells, bladder and paricolor clothing) at UW-W athletic games and other

on-campus events.

If and only if, you believe DeStarkey to be “educable”, you may share this letter and its attachments with him. In fact, you are (as I am) fully free to share such with anyone.

Respectfully yours,

-James Pawlak