Royal Purple

Tweets not punishable

September 10, 2018

Dear Chancellor Kopper: I am a veteran of dangerous military and (paid and unpaid) civilian service, a holder of a UW degree, well (better?) educated via the Milwaukee County Public Library System and the “school of hard knocks”, and a most intense defender of all of the bill of rights. Therefore, I ...

Hannah Jewell Goodbye Letter

Hannah Jewell on the right

Hannah Jewell, Staff Writer

December 7, 2017

This past semester was something of a whirlwind. The time just flew by and now it is almost graduation. Through all the craziness, one of my favorite experiences here at UW-W was being part of the Royal Purple. At first, I was nervous about participating. I really did not know what to expect. I was not sure what I wan...

Lauren Fedorovich Goodbye Letter

Hannah Jewell on the right

Lauren Fedorovich, Staff Writer

December 7, 2017

It’s pretty wild that that I’m graduating in a couple weeks. Part of me still can’t believe that It’s finally happening. I’m still not completely sure what my future will look like, but I’m so excited and proud of this accomplishment. Also I’m just relieved I made it. It wasn’t always easy and ...

Monica Harts Goodbye Letter

Monica Hart, Copy Editor

December 7, 2017

You know you have a good job when being sick just means you’re sad to miss work.   Over the last year (has it only been a year?),  The Royal Purple has become a second home to me. The people I have worked with are entirely responsible for many wonderful college memories. I would like to take ...

Zack Hastings Goodbye Letter

Zack Hastings Goodbye Letter

Zack Hastings, Sports Reporter

December 7, 2017

Looking back on my career at UW-Whitewater, it definitely was not the most conventional method ever. I started in the business school, but after my first semester of my junior year, I felt I needed a change of scene. I switched to Journalism and never once thought that I could actually enjoy my schoo...

Faculty march to Madison to deliver letter

March 30, 2011

Sometimes it takes great measures to get your point across to someone with different beliefs. Several UW-Whitewater faculty and staff members decided it would take a measure such as a 42-mile hike to Madison to deliver a letter addressing Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill and proposed biennial...

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