COBE raises awareness of nonprofits

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

With its increasing success, faculty members in the College of Business and Economics noticed the need to draw attention to a somewhat unknown sector of business: Nonprofits.

“The goal of Nonprofit Week is two-fold: to raise awareness about the nonprofit sector itself and to raise awareness about the variety of courses and programs offered in nonprofit management education,” said Carol Brunt, assistant professor of management and coordinator of the nonprofit program. “We’re just seeking to raise awareness from across campus of the important role that nonprofit organizations play in our communities.”

The week, which extended from Monday to Friday, included a guest lecturer from the Helen Bader Institute in Milwaukee, a panel speaking about the potential careers in the section and a film screening in Summer’s Auditorium Wednesday night.

“That was really cool to see,” said Megan Matthews, a lecturer in the management department of the College of Business and Economics who attended the Wednesday night documentary showing. “It showcased a lot of the parts of theater that most people never knew and gave a lot of information on the jobs in the arts management profession.”

While the week is meant for those who are looking to know more, for those who already know and love the sector, getting to participate and spread the word was equally as exciting.

“I realized I loved this sector while working for the Henry Vilas Zoo and the Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin,” said Ann De Tienne, a UW-Whitewater Graduate student. “It didn’t exist ten years ago, and since it’s such a new sector, I think that it’s important to shine that light on it.”