Despite flaws, Dragalia Lost a fun mobile gaming experience

Jeffrey Wardon, Jr., Biz & Tech Editor

This past September, video gaming giant Nintendo teamed up with Cygames to release an action role-playing game for mobile devices called “Dragalia Lost.”

Dragalia Lost is a free-to-play app game that focuses on the story of Prince Euden and his quest to restore power to his homeland of Alberia. An item called the Sacred Shard protects Alberia from all sorts of monsters, but its power has begun to weaken.

So, the Prince is tasked with finding a way to keep the shard from losing all its power.

The plot itself is not anything special, as it is a subpar storyline that exists simply to give motivation for the characters.

Though the interactions between the characters are charming.

However, the gameplay is where the app shines. Being on a mobile device, there are few interfaces for the game to use. While Dragalia Lost is limited to touch screen controls, it utilizes the interface rather well.

To move their character, the player touches the screen and moves their finger in the direction they want the character to move. Another movement can be performed called a “dodge roll” by swiping in the direction desired for the character to move.

Attack actions can be performed by tapping the screen near an enemy. Doing that will cause the character to slash and strike the enemy. There is also a special attack that can pulled off by tapping an icon in the lower right hand of the screen.

It will cause more damage than a standard attack, but it cannot be used consecutively. After using the special attack, it will need to recharge for a set amount of time.

Overall, the gameplay is simple, fast and snappy, which makes for a fun mobile gaming experience.

The presentation is nice, too. The in-game models are simple but are easy on the eyes. They are nothing great, but for a mobile game it looks good. However, the voice acting in the game leaves a bit to be desired. Characters’ voices sound forced and unnatural, as it sounds like the voice actors are at their first gig.

Dragalia Lost is a decent mobile game that offers quick action that is perfectly suited for on-the-go gaming. While there are a few shortcomings, like the plot and voice acting, the game is worth giving a shot. It can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store or the App Store.