Toppers plans Super Deal for Super Bowl

Pizza chain eager to take advantage of biggest gridiron game of 2019, National Pizza Day


Dylan Piccolo, Biz & Tech Editor

When the NFL hosts the 2019 Super Bowl on Sunday, America will be cooking up or taking out their favorite gameday foods with family and friends on what has become like a national holiday. With all food sales skyrocketing for the Super Bowl, companies are positioning themselves to earn a portion of the pie on Super Bowl Sunday.

Toppers Pizza, whose headquarters calls Whitewater home, expects to cash in on the frenzy by expecting to sell 13,000 pizzas on that day alone. There are many alternative dining options in Whitewater, so Toppers has taken the time to create a super experience for the Super Bowl.

Toppers was fortunate enough to have Super Bowl Sunday fall within the same week as National Pizza Day, so the celebrations can be within the same week.

The time, effort and planning that goes into a week like this takes some time. Ingredients, staff and pricing are all considerations when making a big promotional campaign.

“It is a lot of moving parts, but if we all stick to the message of quality pizza and fantastic customer service, we believe we can create buzz around both the Super Bowl and National Pizza Day,” said Colleen Glendinning, Director of Social Media and PR at Toppers Pizza.

When major events such as the Super Bowl come into play, Toppers looks at how their target market interacts with that event. That led them to their Super Bowl and National Pizza Day contest, which will allow customers who order the “Pick Any 2 or More for $9.99 each” offer online to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win free food for a year one winner will be selected every day during the contest runs from the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 to National Pizza Day Feb. 9.

“Creating a deal that gives back to the consumer in more ways than one was important,” said Glendinning. “Not only will they get fantastic pizza and other products at a good price, but they have a chance to score big while doing so.”

Since the Super Bowl often features comical and aggressive advertising, Toppers decided to go with this type of promotion, which is designed not only to get people purchasing Toppers products but also to engage them with the product.

“We believe that creating a lasting relationship between Toppers and our customers is key to keeping customers at our door, and this deal gives us an opportunity to do so,” said Glendinning.

That relationship is a major key for a customer and a business to hold together, and it is often a main factor in keeping the customer as a return client. Customers will often go to a familiar place on a major event such as the Super Bowl because they want consistency with their whole experience.

Toppers tries to create a consistent persona in their pizza and marketing with edgy and outgoing pizza creations such as tater tot pizza, mac-n-cheese, quesadillas, and these are all things that aim to get new and old customers to choose Toppers for a delicious snack for the big game.

If you are interested in taking part in this contest visit and order online from Feb. 3-9.