Global Experiences hosts photo contest

“One World, Many Perspectives” theme promotes culture from around the globe

Alyssa Brooks, Staff Reporter

The Office of Global Experiences held a photo contest for aspiring photographers to share pictures from around the world.

The contest is for anyone that is a part of the UW-Whitewater community, and from a different country aside from their own.

The reasoning behind that is to tie into the theme of, “One World, Many Perspectives.” Purposefully, this contest is not only to promote a personal portfolio but to also engage with different cultures to expand peoples global perspectives.

“The Office of Global Expereinces International Photo Juried Exhibition is a venue for the UW-W community to articulate their global experiences in a cultural context as a way to celebrate global experiences and inspire others,” said Dan Colleran, Global Experiences coordinator.

To broaden peoples perspectives, the applicants are asked to elaborate on what they learned about different cultures from the photos they took. This contest is for photographers to display their art and to expand their knowledge about a different culture. UW-W senior Danny Ballister created this contest.

“I always look forward to these contests,” says Ballister. “This is the sixth anual.”

The deadline for the photos was Friday, Feb. 15th.

A panel of three judges from outside the UW-W community will take a look at the submissions. There will be a number of awards and recognition for the fine art. The “Peoples’ Choices” awards will be announced in the University Center Roberta Fiskum Gallery on March 13.

The Global Experiences Office will use any photo submitted for promotional uses for the Study Abroad Program. A maximum of 27 photos will be framed, and displayed in the UC Roberta Fiskum Gallery from March 6-22.