Hunger Games: Greek Trials creates inclusive environment

Alyssa Brooks, Staff Reporter

Greek Week is back with a new theme.

This year’s theme is Hunger Games: Greek Trials, and it’s solely based off the title of the movies and not the violence — and of course, a five foot tall Greek Week championship trophy and bragging rights.

Each spring semester, Greek Week is sponsored and organized by a group of Greek student leaders that volunteer from various chapters and councils.

They are advised by Aaron Broadwater, the graduate assistant to the Greek community who runs the event.

“My goal is to add a more inclusive aspect among the organizations participating in our annual Greek Week,” said Broadwater. “We hope chapters involved learn about other organizations within other councils to a higher degree. For the UW-W campus to continue to become inclusive I believe it’s impactful to have our Greeks lead the way.”

Greek Week promotes what is truly important to them: academics, community service, fun and most importantly, brother and sisterhood.

“Being Greek is just one of the many opportunities that students have on campus to be involved,” said Jan Bilgen of the Career & Leadership Development Office. “Greek experiences and membership allow students to develop leadership and social skills and be a contributing member of the global society that we hope every Warhawk is everyday.”

The Career & Leadership Development Office is an important part of making Greek Week happen.

“This is a time for our greek community to come together and enjoy great comradery,” said Broadwater. “I have to make sure we get participation from chapters and non greeks as well.”

Every student is welcome to take part in Greek Week to bond with others and learn a bit about Greek life. The week kicks off with an interactive study night with various trivia Kahoots for students to engage in.

The Greek Wide Social is a night of fellowship with groups facing off to play Minute-To-Win-It Games for prizes and fun. Next, is a friendly competition of Family Feud Greek edition, where all teams go face to face to win prizes.

The Greek Showcase talent show is the last event of the week. A group of nine organizations takes part with a dance number or a skit performance. The first two days the groups accepted philanthropy donations of non-perishable canned goods.

Tyler Henderson, who is a leadership advisor of the CLD office, states 2019 Greek Week was “so successful.”

About 700 members of sororities and fraternities were in attendance for fun and fellowship to showcase what being a member of Greek culture is all about.

“This week made it really easy to get everyone excited and ready to challenge each other,” says Broadwater. “We hope the success can continue each year.”

There are a number of Greek organizations all over campus to consider joining. As said in the Hunger Games movies, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”