Getting down to business

Opportunities abound at Whitewater Business Park

Scout Springgate, Managing Editor

The Whitewater Business Park offers students and fellow citizens internships and full-time jobs through the park’s various industries.

The 540 acre business park is one of the largest office and industrial development parks in Southeastern Wisconsin and could potentially expand to nearly 1,000 acres in the future. Over 20 businesses from various industries reside within the park, totalling to more than 2,300 employees.

Part of the workforce within the business park comprises of UW-W students, which allows for practical learning and skill enhancement for the students.

“We do hire students to help prepare them for the workforce,” said Executive Administrator for Simonswerk North America Inc., Amy Van Rens. “We hire administrative assistants, information technology students and students for the warehouse.”

Continuing with student employment, companies within the business park hire students from all ages, spanning from freshman to seniors. This allows for students to gain valuable experience and provides a diverse workforce within the various companies located throughout the park.

“We’ve had some who have started as freshman and continued to work within through their junior year,” said Outside Sales Representative for Fastenal, David Kirst.

One of the largest segments of the Whitewater Business Park is the 130 acre Whitewater University Technology Park with its Innovation Center being the cornerstone. Within this Innovation Center, over 25 companies are able to collaborate and strengthen as a whole. The Whitewater University Innovation Center and Technology Park were both founded in 2011 with the specific intent to operate as an entrepreneurial community alongside continuous support from UW-W and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the state of Wisconsin.

“CESA 2 chose to move into the Innovation Center during the building phase as it gave us the opportunity to create the space we needed for offices and the workshops we hold. We appreciated the connection to the University and the vibrancy of being amidst start-ups. We have been able to tap into expertise at the University and have been able to welcome the educators we serve to a beautiful space for learning. We continue to renew our lease because the building is a good fit for us,” said Nicole Barlass of CESA #2.

Whether as a student or community member, the Whitewater Business Park serves as an integral part of what keeps Whitewater moving and constantly innovating to meet the future demands for technology.