Rennovating WINS

Bryce Gill, Assistant Biz & Tech Editor

A new WINS interface update will take effect the last weekend of September. This update aims to provide a more efficient experience when navigating through the wins account for each student, staff and faculty.

“The goal is for user experience, and for different content on there, to manage the whole student lifecycle. The app has been in the process for about a year now and there are testings up for people to be able to see.” Alex Ostermann, Vice President of Whitewater Student Government said.

One updated feature is the mobility of the app. Accessing each account on a mobile device is now similar to Canvas’s look, with an easy-to-use tile format. Some features are still in progress, but feedback is what will get this app to be fully functioning for all students and staff.

Dane Seckar-Anderson, ICIT Senior Communication Specialist said, “The current WINS interface was old and outdated. This limited what we could do for our users. The update will be much easier to use for students, faculty and staff. Additionally, the ability to access WINS on any device (coming in the next few months) will be an additional accessibility upgrade.”

Some students and faculty have already expressed what they want from the new update and how it will help the student experience be easier.

Nakia Gardison, a member of the UW-W Hawk Squad, said “I want the app to be more self explanatory. Being a part of Hawk Squad and having to explain it to new freshman at freshman orientation, many freshmen find the site to be difficult to navigate through. I hope it comes off more simplistic. The website should have a guide especially for incoming students. I would like for it to be more user friendly.”

This new update can be designed based on the user’s role or any specific department requirements. This allows for less clicks and for an overall more convenient application.

For more information regarding the update and how to navigate the site, there will be training documents and video training that each student, staff, and faculty can refer to when accessing the WINS account. The how-to documents and video tutorials will be available on the Registrar’s website on Oct. 1.