UW-Whitewater students continue to raise the bar

Ross Guyette, Assistant Sports Editor

Enrollees of our university don’t always know where their path will end. They come because they believe that they have made the best decision on who they want to be and how they can become that person.

As the years go along, as do the experiences that are shared among all of past and present individuals who come to Whitewater. With Homecoming right around the corner we will all be reminded of all of those individuals who came and went within halls.

People  sharing their stories and ultimately returning to have a nostalgic experience that brings them back to the day when they made the decision to come here. That special history is what brings the need to scratch a  nostalgic itch by remembering experiences that forged new friendships or created opportunities that this campus community has fostered throughout the years.

I do believe that having a history of success has built confidence and ambition that rubs off on so many of its students. For me to be able to keep building my own case for a great future makes me humble. I come back to campus year after year to create those opportunities, and let me tell you, it was an easy decision.

One day we all move on from this establishment, that is certain, but the pride each of us are happy to carry is what really makes this campus special. Our history has proven time and time and time again, students always find a way to raise the bar.

– Ross Guyette

    Assistant Sports Editor