Webex works wonders

Corey Moen, Staff Reporter

WebEx is a communication and collaboration tool that provides quick and easy engagement for students, faculty and staff that can be downloaded on your mobile device or computer.

One math professor, Teri Alder, said, “I have used WebEx primarily in my online classes that run during my summer term. I run office hours and go over challenging content with individuals so the sessions can be recorded and students can view them when they have time. I use WebEx as a way for students to virtually attend class when weather or extenuating circumstances keeps them from attending.”

WebEx originally started because UW-Whitewater partnered with Cisco, who is one of the major technology companies on campus.

One of the major features of this collaboration tool is WebEx Meetings, a virtual conferencing tool for students who are unable to meet together in person. This feature, along with WebEx Teams, provides an efficient way for students to accomplish classwork, group projects, and keep in contact with their professors.

“WebEx on campus is marketed for students, faculty and staff. You can do a small group project and create a space where you can chat with people. Those are the two tools,” said Dane Seckar-Anderson, ICIT strategic communication specialist.

WebEx is funded solely by the UW-W campus, so students get to use it without any cost. WebEx is also integrated into Canvas, which is Whitewater’s new way to access course materials. This allows for even more versatility when it comes to working on assignments, and other schoolwork.

WebEx also has meetings called “Teaching with WebEx Teams Bootcamp” which have taken place on a series of Thursday afternoons in October in McGraw Hall.

“WebEx meetings are primarily for faculty and staff to be able to use WebEx Teams effectively with students in their classes. We show them how to download the app and teach them the structure about WebEx Teams and give them some good examples on how faculty and staff can use WebEx effectively,” said Kirsten Mortimer, ICIT technology training specialist.

These workshops a helpful tool that allows students to learn more about the program and ensure that they are getting the absolute most out of their college education.

So far, Webex has provided students with even more resources to make college life in the technological age just a little bit easier.