Ecology Club explores opportunities

UW-W’s Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology Club focus on providing interactive experiences

Kelsey Moyer, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

The university’s Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology Club, formerly known as the Ecology Club, was founded by two of Upham Halls very own biological science professors, Dr. Joshua Kapfer and Dr. Nicholas Tippery. This club was organized six years ago in 2014. When asked what the reasoning for wanting to start the club was, Kapfer stated that when he arrived at the university a club that catered to students interested in ecology and conservation biology was nonexistent.

“The biology department had student clubs for other concentrations within the major, and so we pushed for the instigation of the club because we felt there should be a group that catered to students interested in aspects of ecology and conservation biology in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems,” he said.

The club runs a wide gamut of events, ranging from trips to Shedd Aquarium, the Milwaukee County Zoo and various service-related opportunities that involve habitat management work with Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources. This allows for anyone and everyone who is able to be involved to be given an opportunity to interact with real world professionals who are employed in their desired fields of study.

“The club’s primary objective is to provide students with opportunities to interact with professionals and gain experience. Every student should be excited that the club sets up such opportunities for them,” Kapfer stated.

The club tries to direct the activities to cater to the desires and needs of the students within it and does their best to be inclusive of all who participate, and even changed their name to be more inclusive of others in similar majors.

“My favorite thing about this organization is how hands-on it is and the amount of real-world experience that students are offered in return,” Vice President Jackie Krebs explained. “A favorite activity by members was definitely the Shedd Aquarium trip. I also really enjoyed the invasive species removal projects that we partook in.”

Ecology Club is an organization that is open to students of all majors and meets bi-weekly this semester on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Meetings can be found and attended in Upham Hall, room 0143.