Library collaborates with Career and Leadership Development to host the Resume Doctor

Bryce Gill, Biz & Tech Editor

An opportunity presents itself every semester for students who are interested in getting professional help with a resume. From Feb. 4-6 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., the library and Career and Leadership Development will be hosting a Resume Doctor event.

“CLD has hosted Resume Doctor for 10 academic years, or 20 semesters, since 2010” Greg Iaccarino.

This event is designed to help students improve their current resumes for future employment opportunities. Some of the key benefits of students getting their resumes edited, is that its low stakes and the opportunity is offered with the intentions to help students start their career during or after college. The resume is the first thing submitted to a possible employer and its essential that the first impression is a good one.

“Most/all employers still require resumes to be submitted for internships and jobs. The resume is among the main documents that will determine the candidate’s chances for an interview. Due to that, it is very important that a resume be reviewed for the quality of its content, its grammar (i.e., no misspelled words or typos!), and its layout/design,” said Greg Iaccarino, a CLD Career Counselor.

All students are encouraged to go to the event to get their resumes reviewed and advisors go over areas throughout the resume that are ideal and help with quick fixes on areas of the resume that could use improvement. This event is on a first come first serve basis and the event will be right inside of the Andersen Library across from the reference desk.

“I think it’s good for students to let you know we are available and here. We’re trying to make it more of a thing where we come to students versus them having to come here,” said Isabella virrieuta, a CLD Career Associate Counselor.

This event has been successful for the 10 years that its has been offered on campus and those involved anticipate another successful event this semester. There are four counselors, one for each college that is offered on campus. They are all available during this event or for appointment in the CLD office for students who want to speak with a counselor that focuses on their area of focus.

“It’s been extremely successful. The numbers continue to go. Students find value in what the program offers, what the opportunity offers. It’s important to have subtle opportunities like Resume Doctor there for students to utilize,” said Sarell Martin, a PR & Outreach Coordinator.

The Resume Doctor event is purposefully hosted each semester before the Fall Hawk Career Fair and the Spring Hawk Career  fair.

Students can email their resumes to [email protected] and can also call (262)472-1472 to make an appointment with a counselor that is designated to the specific college.

“We pride ourselves on being a place of information and access. When we can double down and being a place of explorations and that’s when you get more interactive programs like Resume Doctor,” said Martin.