Recycling looks


Carina Lopez

UW-Whitewater student Katelyn Black models her ’80s inspired high waisted jeans.

Carina Lopez, Lifestyle Editor

Students at UW-Whitewater have been bringing back styles from past decades. Certain fashion trends often resurface and this year it has been the rebirth of the ‘80s and ‘90s. These trends are more often seen in women, but men have also taken an interest.

The most common ‘90s trends are in shoes. Anywhere from combat boots, especially the infamous Doc Martens, chunky white FILAS, and Birkenstocks can be seen around campus. There is something about a simplistic shoe that puts together an outfit and people really seem to like it.

The ‘90s shoe will pair perfectly with some high waisted jeans and of course, the oversized denim jacket. The most popular ‘90s fashion trend has to be the denim jacket. It is the perfect accessory to every outfit. It has even become fashionable to pair a denim jacket on top of denim jeans.

Some other fashion trends that are seen on campus date back to the ‘80s. A lot of these trends are simple accessories and details. Scrunchies have been very heavily worn by women on campus, sometimes to tie their hair in a ponytail and other times just to have it on their wrist. Either way, it gives a little tribute to the cool ‘80s style.

Katelyn Black, a sophomore majoring in journalism, has noticed this trend as well and has participated in it herself.

“Especially in the ‘80s, fashion was so cool. I wasn’t alive during it, so I think it’s really cool that it’s making a comeback and giving younger people a chance to experience it,” said Black.

A less-seen but still popular trend is the soft velvet fabric and the fanny pack. It’s almost guaranteed that someone on campus has a combination of both, a perfect velvet fanny pack. Velvet is dying off but it still makes its appearance every now and then. The fanny pack seems to grow in popularity with time. It is the most fashion-forward accessory and it is actually very convenient. It could even be more convenient for college students, they would be able to throw in miscellaneous items on the go.

Men also carry fanny packs and can rock the denim jacket, but their most popular ‘80s trend is the bomber jacket. The bomber jacket actually started in World War II, with the pilots wearing them. They then became an outfit piece in the ‘80s for lay people. Today, a bomber jacket gives a minimalistic and edgy look for every guy. Accessories are truly the key components to turn an outfit around.

The most effortless and prominent ‘80s style that can be seen today is athletic attire. The approach is different than the ‘80s, but the idea remains the same. Think about an ‘80s themed party. Everyone is dressed in leggings, leg warmers, headbands, and sneakers. It gives an appearance that a person is athletic and stays fit. Today people can be seen in sweats, hoodies, leggings, and sneakers. A very similar minimalistic and effortless look.

Even the coolest of looks die off, but they always find their way back. Whether one loves it or hates it, the trends were trends for a reason. Fashion just has an interesting way of recycling looks.