Minds blown at Brain Freeze

Commercial shoot surprises patrons


The Brain Freeze is your classic 50’s-style diner right here in Whitewater.

Samantha Butzen, Journalist

Cars lined East Milwaukee Street all day Saturday, Sept. 12, eager to pull up to the Brain Freeze drive-thru for $1 dollar burgers and a cash raffle. Patrons faced a variety of emotions from confusion to utter joy once let in on the fact that they were part of a hidden commercial to see their reaction to being overcharged much more than advertised. 

“I was definitely surprised,” said local customer Mike Dorn. 

The best of the reactions landed a spot in the U.S. Cellular commercial, and earned the participants a crisp $100 bill for being part of the fun. Plus free burgers and fries. U.S. Cellular chose the local Whitewater diner to shoot the surprise commercial about hidden fees in cell phone service. No one likes hidden fees, whether it be for service providers or fast food. 

Expecting to pay a couple bucks for a quick bite to eat, customers were greeted with a bill charging extra for things like ‘egg cracking fee’ or ‘mandatory ketchup fee’ that was not advertised. A genuine reaction was the goal of doing it hidden camera style. 

“When U.S. Cellular approached me to shoot the commercial here, I was overjoyed,” said owner Brain Freeze, Dick Kraus. “The pandemic was tough for many owners in the restaurant industry so to have this type of visibility and support from a national company was really special for me and the community.” 

Brain Freeze opened 2018, and describes itself as a classic 50’s-style diner right here in Whitewater. Patrons enjoy jucy hamburgers and indulge their sweet tooth with a scoop of ice cream.The drive-thru opened back up just for the filming of the commercial.

“The community has supported us wonderfully. I have been very pleased with the amount of business that we have had,” said owner Pam Kraus. 

U.S. Cellular chose Brain Freeze because of the old school look and quaint small town setting, which matches the cell phone companies branding as a community-oriented business.  

The ad states, “Just as surprising hidden fees don’t belong in a diner menu, we believe they don’t belong in a phone bill either.”

The commercial is set to air in early 2021.