Uniting in support of our community

United Way partners in giving with UW-W


The United Way will be campaigning for donations beginning Oct. 19 for two weeks.

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

In the time we are living through, keeping a job, having enough money and finding your next meal can seem like daunting tasks. Yet all of that can be managed with some help from the United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth counties.

“We are an organization that fights for health, education and financial stability for the people in the community,” said Executive Director Megan Hartwick. “We have never lost our focus on our mission even if Covid-19 got in the way. We never lost focus. We are still fighting for the community, non-profits and group organizations.”

To help fundraise, the United Way partners with organizations throughout the year to earn money. It will begin campaigning Oct. 19 for two weeks, and  will be reaching out to potential donors with a Halloween theme this year.

“The United Way is an organization that supports non-profit organizations that assist residents in their time of need. In the community it supports mentality, homelessness, food security, trouble paying for utility bills, and can also help with crisis,” said Lynsey Schwabrow, Chief of Institutional Research and Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The organization is partnering with the university to give back to the community UW-W calls home. United Way hopes that employees this year understand the importance of supporting organizations. By increasing the value of community, we can help support those in need.

“It will be fully digital because of Covid-19,” said communication professor Susan Wildermuth. “Staff and employees would donate through pay reduction to put through paychecks to donate through HR.”

 To learn more information about the work of the United Way and to make a donation visit https://uwjnwc.com/.