Warhawks vote


Ky McCombe

Kennedy Cutts, A member of the organization Warhawk Vote gives a presentation on voting in the Mary Pope Chrisman Student Success Center on campus .

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

On the UW-Whitewater campus there is an organization known as Warhawks Vote that is dedicated to educating and encouraging students to vote. The organization is busy working up to the 2020 Presidential Election. 

“Voting is important because your vote is your voice, and as Wisconsinites, we have a ton of power in this presidential election. We have the power to change the course of this election because we aren’t a state that candidates are counting on to win. They have to fight for our votes. We don’t have national elections, meaning swing states have the power in presidential elections to change the outcome,” said member Kennedy Cutts.

Over the past two semesters the group had 167 one-on-ones with students, given class presentations, created ​online voter tutorials, established a second campus polling place. 

“Warhawks Vote is a nonpartisan committee on campus that helps students have access, as well as education on their voting rights. We connect students with resources to assist them in any way we can in regards to registration and voting.” said member  Will Hinz. “This is a student-run committee with members that are on and off campus. It fluctuates depending on the semester, but it includes members of the League of Women Voters, the City Clerk, Whitewater Student Government Representatives (Director of Intergovernmental Affairs (Chair) and the WSG Advisor), Faculty Senate Representatives, other Political Science Department members, a University Marketing and Communications Representative, and two CEEP Interns,” said Hinz.

The organization began in 2016 informally, before becoming official and 2018 and 20120, according to member Eric Loepp, a political science assistant professor.

“The organization has success with the website that people can come and go. In the future we hope to keep getting votes encouraged, helping polling places getting up and running, talking to classes and continuing reaching out to more people,” said Loepp. 

More information about Warhawks Vote can be found at https://www.uww.edu/vote