Greek Life graduates


Newlong Lor, a Greek Life December graduate

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

There are students graduating from UW-Whitewater this December that are graduating from their Greek lives on campus as well. They have gone through much in their journeys to learn new skills, grow networks and gain wisdom from their organizations that helped guide them through their academic careers, and now onto the job market. 

“I think one skill is having that time management – being able to manage things throughout the day and make sure I get things done from time to time. Make sure nothing is falling behind or late.” said Chi Sigma Tau National Fraternity member Newlong Lor, a graduating senior. “You could say one thing I will take away is learning how to work as a team. From a business aspect, we learned to work together as a unit as well, and being able to work as a team.” 

That teamwork creates a support network for many on campus, which creates benefits in various aspects of their lives. For Phi Delta Zeta member, Zachary Klotz, that support was important for his education.

“My brothers that I have in that group have been very supportive over the last couple of years and it’s having that kind of support system flooring throughout college,” said Klotz. “I learned a lot of critical thinking skills too. When I joined, it was a new chapter. We’re still building and it’s become an actual chapter on campus. There’s a lot of problems that came up from trying to create a new chapter.  So that’s using critical thinking towards problems – all by working with others as a team and communicating effectively with either other brothers or people on the university staff to do what needs to be done.”

Besides learning skills, the Greek organizations provided a support network for many, which will continue beyond the campus borders as Greek Life Alums. A virtual commencement will celebrate spring, summer and fall 2020 graduates Saturday, Dec. 19 at 1 p.m. Visit for more information.