University Center encourages online engagement


Left to right: A few of the University Center’s social media team members Colton Tisdall, Sydney Myers, Jada Thur and Lindsey Novak.

Kali Anditon, Assistant Business & Technology Editor

During a time of social distancing and working from home, many employees find it gratifying to receive appreciation for dedicating hard work and time to their company online. 

In a series of “Meet the Team” posts on Facebook, the James R. Connor University Center (UC) is showing appreciation for its student employees, who work for their social media team. The posts showcase the team, which consists of three graphic designers, two videographers and three marketing assistants who each run the various social media platforms.  

The social media team works collaboratively to run its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts under supervisor Jenny Fisco. They work behind the scenes to help promote events, advertisements and give a voice to the students who spend time in the building.  

“I do feel that college is about the entire experience,” says graphic designer Colton Tisdall. “I believe in being a part of the things they do and put on here, so that you really get your money’s worth. My job is to make sure as many people as possible see what the school is putting on, because people are really missing out if they don’t know.” 

Tisdall is responsible for producing both printed and virtual advertisements for the University Center’s events. His efforts in the advertising process allow the center to achieve its mission of enhancing the campus experience. Working behind the scenes provides the team opportunities outside of the University Center and prepares them for future endeavors.  

“Since my job focuses on video and motion graphics, I have had lots of great work to add to my portfolio while applying for jobs and internships out of college,” says video assistant Sydney Myers.  

Myers works to create slides to showcase upcoming events and adds the final touches to videos that are going to be posted. By working within social media, these students are adding valuable skills and pieces of work to their resumes.  

“Being posted to the Facebook page was pretty cool, but the UC already does an amazing job making its workers feel appreciated,” says Jada Thur, a graphic designer on the team. “I make sure to be friendly to everyone I meet, to help maintain the positive atmosphere that the UC has.” 

Like Facebook, whose mission statement is giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, working under the social media team of the University Center has allowed students to share their appreciation for the resource on campus.  

“For two years I looked through the windows of the First Year Experience office and almost got a behind-the-scenes look at what the office did,” says marketing assistant Lindsey Novak. “Once a job opening became available, I applied immediately because I truly admired all the work they have done. I enjoy when my work allows me to be creative and lets me think outside of the box for new ideas on how to make a positive impact on others and this job gives me the opportunity to do this and so much more.” 

For more information about the UC’s social media team, visit their Facebook page at: