Live laughs on UWW-TV

Michael Bose, Journalist

It’s not Kenan Thompson or Kate McKinnion – it’s Whitewater’s very own UWW-TV doing their rendition of the late night hit show Saturday Night Live. It’s called UWW-TV Rocks Live, airing weekly on Thursdays and streamed live on 100.1 of the Whitewater campus or channel 989 on Spectrum Digital.  

UWW-TV takes the existing show and puts their own Whitewater spin on it. They add jokes or sayings specific to the university and town. It takes the team around 20 hours a week to create the scripts for Thursday’s big night. 

This time is spent with changing jokes last minute or where someone will be, and then they are ready to film. It’s a fun and unique experience for station employees mixing pop culture and humor.   

“My favorite scene this week was “Oh Crikey,” a sketch about Steven Urwin,” said student supervisor Annmarie Lavorata. 

The skits are all original and are very funny.  Kim Reinders who has been with UWW-TV since 2017 told the Royal Purple,

“I really enjoy planning and writing the skits before recording.” 

The team at UWW-TV spends lots of time preparing and tweaking scripts before they are ready to be filmed. The skits are all original, requiring a lot of thought and creativity.

UWW-TV Rocks Live will be showing just five times this semester, so Saturday Night Live fans will want to catch this Whitewater version before its gone.