Mexican restaurant is popular with the people


Kris and Nicole Holder enjoy their meal at Cozumel Mexican Restaurant Wednesday, Feb. 24.

Dauntae Green, Lifestyle Editor

Cozumel Mexican Restaurant on Main Street in Whitewater has the food from south of the border that you crave. The menu includes what all people in town love such as nachos, burritos, different kinds of tacos, chimichangas, many meats, sea foods, meals for vegetarians, and of course chips and salsa.

“It’s special because we play Mexican music, we bring out the sombreros for fun birthdays, and we have the tradition of horchatas,” said employee Sariela Rojas. “The employees are really friendly with the customers, we have a big space for parties, offering drink specials, big party spaces and special foods that customers enjoy.” 

Just like the food, Cozumel is also a place full of Mexican culture with music, special occasions, and decorations that show their passion. All over social media you can see students, citizens, alumni and all sorts of people showing their love for the restaurant by going to dinners, taking pictures, smiling, and just having a good time.  

“I really like the atmosphere here at this restaurant. The employees are always nice and the food is good too,” said UW-W alumna Kris Holder.

People come back to the restaurant craving more and more of the delicious meals the cooks create. They remember their favorites and the good memories they made while sipping on margaritas. But with such a large menu, there are always new flavors to try. 

“There are three things that make me come back here: the flavors, the rice and the customer service,” said UW-W alumna Sue Haskin.

The meals, appetizers, specials and beverages all could be what draws people to go eat there and savor the deliciousness of Mexican cuisine. There are foods that become customers’ favorites – the meals they would think about every time they see this place as they drive by – making their mouths water just thinking about that special spice.

“My favorites would have to be the tacos,” said graduate student Nicole Holder. “They’ve added meals that help vegans, and since I am a vegan I appreciate that a lot.” 

The restaurant embraces the Mexican culture and cuisine through many different ways. It makes people feel as if they are transported to Mexico with a whole new atmosphere, different from Wisconsin. It’s a new destination right here in Whitewater.