A night of fun with trivia


Sophie Grieser, one of the hosts for the trivia night

Leena Hallock, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Despite having to present the trivia format on WebEx, as collaborative organizations, CHIP (Communicating Health in Practice), SAPA (Sexual Assault Prevention Advisory Committee, UCHS and UC Warhawk Alley all worked alongside each other on April 7th to create a live fun filled and informative trivia game for Whitewater students. Top two winners of each round received Amazon gift cards! 

Hans Murtell and Sophie Grieser, the MC’s for the trivia night

Even with a WebEx format, the event brought in an abundance of eager participants ready to challenge one another. For one of the coordinators Kate Kscobiech, she had her hands full behind the scenes, “It was a very enjoyable experience although it required quite a bit of planning to pull it off! […] I wasn’t expecting to be running the Kahoots but thanks to the great UC staff, we pulled it off successfully!” says Kscobiech on the fun experience.  As an overall game Each round either consisted of General Knowledge Trivia or UW-Whitewater History Trivia. Who would have guessed that back in the day we were originally known as the Quakers instead of the Warhawks?!

University Center hosts