One last flip


Dane Sheehan/UW-Whitewater Athletics

Sophomore Taiya Stelmachowski competes on Bars during the Warhawks dual meet vs UW-Oshkosh, inside Kachel Gymnasium Saturday April 3.

Nay Salter, Assistant Sports Editor

The women’s gymnastics team concluded their season on April 3 against UW-Oshkosh. This Saturday was a special day for the Warhawks since it was their Senior Day and last time they would compete with seniors Blaise Wilson and Vanessa Olinger. The Warhawks flipped their way to victory one last time winning the meet 188.050-186.975. 

The energy and the atmosphere of this meet is what made this a special day for the Warhawks. Knowing that this Saturday would be the end, the Warhawks cheered on each other and hyped one another up so they could do their best and leave the meet satisfied with their performance. 

“This season has definitely thrown a lot of obstacles at us, but we’ve been really capable of adapting and being okay with that – no gymnast are not okay with that, but we really have challenged ourselves to be okay with that,” said sophomore Karina Sabol. 

Senior Blaise Wilson competes in the Vault during the Warhawks final meet of the 2021 season vs UW-Oshkosh. (Dane Sheehan/UW-Whitewater Athletics)

 To kickstart the evening, the Warhawks competed in their first event being the vault. They swept the floor winning this event with an overall score of 47.250. Tied for first place, Meg McGinley scored a 9.575 and Blaise Wilson came in fourth with a score of 9.475. Keeping their heads high, the Warhawks competed in their second event being the uneven parallel bars. Once again the Warhawks pulled another win in this event with a score of 46.950. Blaise Wilson came in second with a score of 9.550 and Estee Flom placed fourth with a score of 9.425. 

“Our goal is to improve by two tenths on each routine each week. We don’t necessarily get worked up about the score because those are kind of out of our control, but we worry about our performance,” said head coach Jennifer Regan. 

The next event in which the Warhawks competed in was the balance beam and the team placed first and second in this event giving them the upper hand to secure another win with a score of 45.900. Blaise Wilson came in clutch with a winning score of 9.600 and fellow teammate Faith Mylin came in second with a score of 9.400. Next event were the floor events and the Warhawks outscored UW-Oshkosh by 0.50 points (47.950-47.450). With a quick turnover the Warhawks competed in their fourth event which were the floor events. Blaise Wilson tied for first with a score of 9.675 and Faith Mylin and Karina Sabol tied for third with scores of 9.600. All around Blaise Wilson scored a total of 38.175 points and Faith Mylin scored a total of 37.375. 

To conclude the night, the team had a mini service to recognize the seniors. Both seniors Blaise Wilson and Vanessa Olinger got to shake hands with Dr. Dwight C. Watson, the Chancellor, and the team played a little video college to honor both seniors. The Warhawks will continue to remember all the good times they had with both seniors and will take their knowledge and advice with them in future meets. 

“Vanessa is amazing. She brings the attitude in the gym, she teaches us all to show our routines and show our confidence. It’s something that all of us are working on, but she’s still a great leader in that aspect. Blaise continues to push us harder and make us efficient. When we are in practice for 5 hours sometimes she’s the one who has the high efficiency and pushes us to do better so she’s great at that,” said Sabol. 

Seniors Blaise Wilson (left) and Vanessa Olinger were celebrated during a senior day ceremony following the meet. (Dane Sheehan/UW-Whitewater Athletics)