Whitewater run brings the community together


Dauntae Green

A runner runs through the finish line giving it all they got.

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

Run. Just run. Don’t stop.

And especially don’t stop when running means dollars will go to important local charities. Yes, it is that time of year again to rediscover our city through the 9th annual Discover Whitewater Series.  People ran and walked for a half marathon and a 5K run. The run raises money for charities that help the city become stronger and more fit, just like the race participants. It has become that healthy lifestyle event for many people from many other counties and in the town of Whitewater to join together to run the 5K or the half marathon. For the past nine years the event has been able to raise $204,500 for the community organizations, charities, and all to create a stronger community. 

“It was about 400 people that all came to run in this event, half ran for the 5K, and half ran for the half marathon,” said Jeff Knight, an event organizer. “The event raises money for the charities, and it is the city’s biggest fundraiser. It’s to fund the city, it’s businesses, school, and organizations in Whitewater. This year we had about 240 volunteers helping out with this event. I love seeing the smiles on people, seeing the volunteers helping out, and knowing that this event makes a difference in this town.”

There are runners who are running for their first time to show their support, show off their skills, and have a good time. That good time would end up with a person full of sweat, and breathing heavily from lots of running in the end.

“It was definitely hard, but it was worth it. It was great for the support given by everyone coming by, cheering me on was nice and it was my first year! I ran this year for my friends, Whitewater, myself to support them and to feel inspiration about me,” said one of the runners of the event, Megan Coakley.

“I love to support by running for local races, and the local community. The beauty behind it is nice. The opportunity to support the community is powerful and strong. Also the cheerleaders and band all came out on the cemetery top of the hill all cheered, supported us and it was fun. It was amazing they supported us,” said the runner who got first place at the half marathon, Naomi Fulton.

The event was full of many people, the community came together to support everyone who ran, and was feeling the Whitewater pride. The volunteers smiled, lending a helping hand, and just supporting the community. They raised money towards the five local charity organizations: Bethel House of Whitewater Inc, Whitewater Unified School, District for Academic Excellence, J-Hawk Aquatic Club, and Whitewater LEADS. Keeping up the healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others are all in a good day’s work!