Student government addresses sexual assaults, funding and mental health


Brooklyn Stevenson, Lifestyle Journalist

The Whitewater Student Government (WSG) announced their continued efforts to try and prevent recurring sexual assaults on campus by reaching out to everyone in WSG and dividing into groups to tackle the issue. 

“Myself and a couple other folks in student government have been working on some sexual assault prevention work. When it comes to policy, recommendations, etcetera etcetera for the school, and so, what we decided to do is reach out to pretty much all of you; literally, all of you to see if you all want to help,” said President Davin Stavroplos.

Their help extends to other issues around campus as well. After the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee decisions, WSG wanted to let clubs, organizations, or programs know that they see all of them. In order to deliver that message, they gave a dollar to each eligible club, program, or organization that was allocated or recommended zero dollars. 

Mental health and dealing with exams was also discussed. The government body suggested to students to put themselves first.

“Everyone, exam week is approaching. I know we’re all dreading that, but please make sure that you’re prioritizing your own physical and mental health. I know that this is a very stressful time of year but we are all in this together, ” said Associate Director of Student Affairs Vanessa Wlezien.

Wlezein’s message was a common theme during this WSG meeting and their continued desire to let students know they see and hear their fellow students, and are here to support them. 

Also during Monday’s meeting, WSG inducted two new members to a senator seat and to an off-campus senate seat. Owen Hirsch, was sworn into office, and Alexander Majmudar, in a fifteen to one vote, was appointed to the off-campus senate seat. 

“I want to join WSG because I believe that it would bring my growth of professional development in communication and business because there’s so many leaders already on WSG. I also believe that making student voices heard is a really big thing and I think that’s one of the biggest things that WSG should stand for and I want to push for that,” said Majumdar.

Another positive discussion in the meeting was about the results of the food drive. A total of five hundred and fifty items were collected. Wellers and Knilans won with two hundred and forty-four points which is about one hundred and fifty items.