New representatives sworn into student government


Brooklyn Stevenson, Campus News Editor

The Whitewater Student Government (WSG) meeting began with a 12 to 2 vote that resulted in the election of a new senator to new speaker Jan. 24. In addition a new clerk was sworn in, and new senators were sworn in. There was an announcement of certain events taking place like “It’s On Us” and “Sustainability Week” which are both week-long and are a couple of their most important events according to the WSG President. 

The meeting was then turned over to Vice chancellor Artanya Wesley who spoke before the assembly to encourage members to listen and give feedback on her performance as Vice Chancellor and how to take steps that could potentially improve the lives of students.

“I hope that you all feel comfortable enough to provide us with real, authentic, and genuine feedback as you serve in your roles as senators of WSG to not only encourage students to get involved but listen to the student body of what their issues and concerns are. And if there’s things that we need to change or improve upon or do differently, we can do that together in partnership. As you all keep your ears to the streets, we’ll do the same as well to make sure we’re supporting our students, but also that we’re supporting you in your leadership roles as well,” says Vice Chancellor Wesley.

Wesley also spoke about the chancellor of student affairs search that will launch February 1. The application will be open for thirty days and interviews will then take place in April.  Wesley and the President of the WSG encouraged participation in the process as it will be a huge chance for WSG and students to be involved. 

The meeting agenda then shifted to address the joint government resolution that has been put together to bring back learning committees. WSG along with Dr. Tracy Hawkins, Chairman of the Faculty Senate, worked to bring learning communities back due to the consensus that most felt they would aid students.

“They were replaced with some called “Face” which unfortunately don’t reap the same bonuses or really the same benefits to students as learning communities do. They’re a huge boost for students and it was a loss when they were taken away,” said the WSG senator. 

The Whitewater Student Government adjourned wishing everyone good luck in this spring semester as well and a plug for students to join Greek life. They also announce that there is free winter gear now available on campus and that there are new leadership opportunities available in WSG. Lastly, they continue to encourage students and everyone to follow safety protocols for covid so that they can sooner be done with all the protocols when things are safe and healthy.